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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Awareness Project

You Are Not Alone!

Domestic abuse is a very serious subject, by listening to the audio clips you will have a better understanding of what Domestic Abuse is and what you can do to stop it happening.

Some people may find some of the material upsetting and not suitable for children.

Wythenshawe FM broadcast these programmes on domestic abuse each year, normally in December. If you would like to use the audio then please contact Jason Kenyon.

Listen to Helen’s story of how a confident and self assured young women with lots of friends could become a victim of domestic abuse.

Programme 1 (Duration 17:25 Minutes)
Part 1: How Helen first mate Dave and the initial signs of domestic abuse – with 2 Interviews about “What is Domestic Abuse?”.

Programme 2 (Duration 16:28 Minutes)
Part 2: Some of the methods used to isolate Helen, so she could be controlled – with 2 interviews about “Methods that abusers use and is Domestic abuse a big problem in the North)

Programme 3 (Duration 14:23 Minutes)
Part 3: How children can be used, concerning domestic abuse – with 1 interview about children and domestic abuse.

Programme 4 (Duration 20:39 Minutes)
Part 4: How safe are victims of domestic abusers – with 2 interviews about staying safe and helping to rebuild lives.

Programme 5 (Duration 17:32 Minutes)
Part 5: Helen’s full story without the interviews

If anyone has any issues or concerns with domestic abuse then please phone the following numbers.

Manchester Domestic Violence Helpline – 0161 636 7525

National Domestic Violence Helpline – 0808 2000 247 (24 hour helpline)

Respect – The phone numbers for perpetrators of Domestic Abuse 0845 122 8609

Useful websites

Womens Aid

End the Fear

M/cr City Council Domestic Abuse

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  1. Domestic Abuse says:

    Domestic Abuse, has gone on for many years. I was victim of this abuse for 23yrs. I am no longer in this awful situation know. Please Listen get out whilst you can, there is lots of help out there by Womens Aid who are lovely people. Please if you dont want to do Please do it for your CHILDREN, because it does affect your children so much.

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