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Hi everyone and welcome to my world. I’m Elvister and this is my WFM Rock & Roll page. I was dragged up in Clayton Manchester. I went to Seymour rd school, and then we moved to Wythenshawe in 1980. 6 years ago I met two cracking lads, JK and Jenksey. Back then, I was a karaoke act and now I’m a radio presenter.

Before my Rock & Roll show I was going wild and with a little help from my time machine we were able to travel back in time for a cracking history (idea behind it was when we were kids and yes we all did it, wag school. We sit in our beds rooms playing on our computers and in the back ground we’d have the radio on low. Now if I’m on radio talking about say Henry the 8th. Tuesday morning in school we have a history exam on Henry the 8th) oh I herd Elvister on the radio talking about him. Now the wild life was all about well wild life.

Now a bit about me:

Name Jason (Elvister) Barrett.

Age 36

Family 1 sister Karen 3 brothers Craig, Darren Dean, I have 2 kids Robert 18 and Katie 9.

Now for all you rockers out there the place to be on a Friday night is wfmradio.org at 7 till 9 we play all 50s n 60s and we talk about Rock Roll stars some times we might have stars come for a chat or we might give away c d s so weather its Elvis or Billy fury from buddy holly to Brender lee we try to keep the chat to a minimum and play tunes loud and proud so keep rocking. So if you have a top teddy Boy or girl story contact me at the studio.

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  1. Elise says:

    Hi uncle Jason I love u

  2. dj jools says:

    elvister going live, yer man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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