The Late Run With Bill Mitton


Hello my names Bill Mitton  and I open my “Folk, Jazz & Blues Emporium” every Friday night 10 ‘til 11pm. As it say’s on the door I play finest kind  Folk, Jazz & Blues music..from well anywhere that takes my fancy really, but I love discovering the new voices in our area who play and sing the kind of music I like and I HOPE you like as well.


About ME:

I’m well over 60 and sixteen stone, short of hair and breath. I’m retired from real work now but in my time, I’ve been an Electrician, Soldier, Electronics Engineer, Quality Engineer Part-time Playwright, Writer, Poet, Historian, I’ve got my twenty five yards swimming certificate and once got cashiered out of the cubs… I love Corned beef Hash, Chilli, any literature from Chaucer to Pratchett, all types of music. Manchester United, (Football) Sale Sharks (Rugby Union) …..

I’ve got most of my own teeth .I’m gobby, self opinionated, and can be a right grumpy sod…but not when the music is playing then I’m Mister Happy..Right that’s about it..sit up at the back there will be questions later……


Folk, Jazz & Blues Emporium
Wythenshawe FM,
Forum Centre, Forum Square, Wythenshawe,
Manchester M22 5RX
(Forum Learning, Room G24)

7 Responses to " The Late Run With Bill Mitton "

  1. hi ,please visit our site to listen to our new cd “this is our musc” we are belgium’s leading contemporary folk band . the missing link between folk, jazz & classical
    let us know if you want a record for airplay

  2. Dave Knibb says:

    Trying to figure out how to listen to this show oncatch-up. I hope I get to it soon. Thanks, Bill, for some great writing in your resume….sounds very like myself, in fact – apart from the jobs!

  3. Karen says:


    I was listening to a song on your show, which I cant now find the lyrics to. It was something about looking in the mirror each morning saying girl you are beautiful, even with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Would love to know what is was and who sang it??

    Thank you

    • Bill Mitton says:

      Karen..Sorry about the Delay (Don’t visit this page often….I think the Song your looking fror is Jackson Browne’s “My Opening Farewell” …
      Best Wishes
      Bill Mitton

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hi Bill- I love the description you give of yourself. Made me smile. All the best

  5. Steve says:

    Re JINSKI Acoustic Roots duo
    Hi Bill.
    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve popped a copy of our album ‘Down Here’ in the post to you along with a bit of info. Hope you can give it a listen, given your description as ‘Mister Happy’ I am hoping our track ‘I Remember Happy’ will bring a tear to your glass eye!!
    Will keep you posted when we are playing anywhere near you.

  6. Ella says:

    Hi there, I am reading your poem ‘Your Sons’ for my LAMDA exam Reading For Performance and I can’t find any of your information anywhere so It would be a great help if you could give me some information of why you wrote the poem or the inspiration that would be great.

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