Freak Out with Steve & Paul

Bringing you the weird and the wonderful every Monday night.

Is there any other show like ours? Probably not.

Every week we travel through time playing an eclectic mix of music from around the globe. Featuring musical genres such as Progressive Rock, Psychedelia, Acid Folk, Jazz Fusion, Avant-Garde, Experimental,Electronica, rare library grooves and more.

We hunt out those hidden gems that have been lost in time and seek out new and groundbreaking material from home and abroad – Giving you the stories and the background behind all we play.

Regular features include:

Vinyl Vaults – Vinyl only releases – Rare and undiscovered LP’s & 45’s
A-Z of UK Psych
Featured Album
Featured Artist
Guests – Musicians and DJ’s
Featured Country
Featured Instrument
Featured Genre – for example 70’s Italian Soundtracks
Something For Nothing
Strange Cover Versions
The Almost Unlistenable
The Stuff Of Nightmares

Paul: About me;
Occasional DJ, vinyl junkie & crate digger extraordinaire (i.e. procurer of rare records since the early 80’s ) I’ve been known to travel far and wide in search of lesser known  vinyl hybrids, (well car boot sales and e-bay anyway)
What do I collect? I don’t limit myself to collecting  one specific genre of music!
At the moment I’m big on Library music & kids tv  soundtracks from the 60’s and 70’s. Next week it could be eastern European prog or Polish funk!

9 Responses to " Freak Out with Steve & Paul "

  1. rob loader says:

    hiya mate, happy new year – parchment! remember we used to play this at assembley! can you give a shout out for my syd barrett tribute at silver apples on thursday 24/2, and if you fancy spinning a few psych oddities come down!

  2. rob loader says:

    nice choice for the featured lp this week mate, terribly sad to hear that news.

  3. Shaun Brown says:

    What was your album of the week again?

    The long track in the middle was great.

    Love the show, though not always able to hear it.


    • Paul Forrest says:

      Hi,Shaun, the featured album that week was “The Cooperville Times” by “John & Philipa Cooper”, Long track could have been “Ask For Nothing” by “Galliard”? Cheers for listening!

  4. Tony Goldstraw says:

    First time I caught show tonight and great stuff.I could do with a listen again,is it repeated or available as download?Few tracks in the middle I want, will definitely tune in again. Thanks

    • Paul Forrest says:

      Hi,Tony, not got round to doing a mixcloud of the show yet! but many thanks for the comments.
      Also feel free to check out our facebook group page,playlists from previuos shows etc…

  5. ian leonard says:

    hi paul hows you, hope all is well,
    great tunes , keep up the good work

  6. Shaun Brown says:

    Paul; Did you say you were on this saturday? Halloween and that? Shaun

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