The Bigger Breakfast with Mike George

Mike George is host of the Monday morning breakfast show on Wythenshawe FM from the early hour of 7am until the daylight hour of 10am. In the first hour you may be on your way to work or getting the kids ready for school, seeing your partner off for work and simply getting in the mood for the rest of the day. You can listen in the house and then keep listening in the car. Road reports and weather will help you plan your journey and your washing!

Hours 2 and 3 will carry you through from early awakening to getting your day under way. Mondays is a time for setting yourself up for the rest of the week and that’s where Mike comes in. Not only good music will be hitting the airwaves first thing Monday, including new releases and music soon to be released, there’ll be your chance to ring in for a request whether it’s your mother’s birthday or a message of congratulations for an event, then get dialling Mike on 0161 499 0222 , send a text on 07913227966, or if you’re listening at work e-mail a request to:

Mike’s been presenting on community radio for over 7 years now and has experience of Breakfast, Drivetime and Community Focus Shows. The latest venture in partnership with Wythenshawe Hospital (UHSM) is the Hospital Heartbeat Show on Thursdays from 2pm until 3pm.

Monday morning is the flagship breakfast show and Mike’s the man to pilot you through to a brand new day and a GREAT beginning to your week. Mike’s ably assisted by Matthew Hemmaty who presents a Gig Guide and you’ll find the later hours involves telephone and in-studio interviews with celebrities, unsigned bands and local community interests such as school s and community centres.
Keep listening and be entertained, amused and informed. Get your day under way when you wake up with Mike every Monday morning – you know it makes sense!

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  1. Joshua Martin - Jones says:

    Can you play Somebody to love by the glee cast

  2. laura says:

    Love some sonia leigh… music is poetry..try poems on an ocean floor…or just anything of hers…

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