Brewtime with Manny

‘Brew time with manny’ is when we gather round for a brew and as always, during the ‘brew time’ natter, we talk about things that concern our community and during ‘brew time with Manny’, anything goes! So you could say that, it’s not for the faint hearted!

I mean, we could be exploring the different cultures, religions and cuisines that go to make our beautiful community with interviews from community residents and workers.

We could be offering advice about raising children or having conversations about personality change or indeed, how to help your child or ward do their homework.

What ever it is, there is always good music with lots of humour thrown in for good measure!

By the way, I’m very partial to digestives and mine is white with two sugars so, find yourself a pew and take the weight off your feet; It’s going to be a good one!

Manny Osei

Manny is an enthusiastic, lively and skilled ICT specialist with a Masters degree in ‘Training and Development’ and also with a PGCE, qualified to teach KS3, 4 and 5 ICT.  He is also a trained one-to-one tutor  and a member of the ‘Institute for Learning’ with an extensive background in teaching and training.

He has developed, prepared and  still delivers ICT training (ECDL, Presentations, VLE, Animations, webpage design) to a variety of teams and has worked closely with various teams to develop syllabuses, teaching materials and schemes of work.

Manny is also very passionate about upgrading desktop computers, repairing laptops and believe it or not, going cycling!

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