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Dennis HanseDennis L Hanse is an accomplished writer and director of film and stage drawn to the human stories that lie at the juncture of seen and unseen. He has set up Winstone Films to promote his work and the work of others. His experience covers writing and directing various drama films, documentaries, music videos and corporate videos.Productions have included dramas, ( Awake In The Woods a short horror filmed 2013 catch it on you tube) documentaries, music and corporate videos. Latest production to be premièred in February is ‘Limbo’.

Having had the calling to the film industry just 20 years ago and based in Manchester, Hanse has had the perfect backdrop for projects which have addressed a number of controversial community issues. The first of many productions ‘Dealers Users and The Innocent’ in 1995, focused on Manchester’s gang culture and the availability of illegal substances. 1998 saw Hanse’s work televised on the local TV channel Granada, ‘Sacred Ground’, dealing with the issue of corruption. Subsequent projects have continued to follow a similar thread and have seen Hanse working with various community projects and organisations which promote positivity within the workplace.

Dennis present’s a radio show on Wythenshawe FM 97.2 on  Tuesday 2 to 3pm which is a Movie Review show featuring film and theatre productions mainstream and local along with interviews.

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  1. Mark Edwards says:

    I listened to Dennis’s show last week – I’m not convinced that the biography above is the same guy that read pretty much everything out – and kept saying YEs – yes

    • Dennis was talking about Mother’s Day in today’s show – he actually said this “for all those mothers out there listening that aren’t around anymore – happy Mother’s Day”

      • Dennis Hanse says:

        Hi Cameron

        Thanks for your comments. I apologise for the incorrect wording of mothers who have passed. I meant to say listening in spirit.

        Thanks. Keep your comments coming please

  2. Dennis Hanse says:

    Hi Mark

    Thank you for your comments. Most of the information mentioned on the show is scripted and information researched off the internet. I tend to get through a lot of info and try to be varied. I have been involved in film, television and the theatre over the years and I’m working on some new radio plays for the station. If you check out my youtube channel I have my short film that I made 3 years
    called Awake in the Woods a short horror film. Just tap in Dennis L Hanse or the title of the film. Thanks

    Keep your comments coming. Will give you a mention on the show.

    and a couple of short exracts of some community films that have made over the years. Just tap in Dennis L Hanse or Awake In The woods to watch my short It’s

  3. Emmey says:

    enjoyed your show today.

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