Tuesday Drivetime with Dave Cox

WYTHENSHAWE FM’S Drivetime Show is on each Evening Mon-Fri from 5-7:00pm.

Tuesday Drivetime see’s our very own David Cox hosting the Drivetime on Wythenshawe FM from  5pm until the hour of 7pm.

You can listen in the house or in the car. Road reports and weather will help you plan your journey home.

Not only good music from the Charts but also new artist will be featured, a look at news from the Manchester area as well as Wythenshawe and much more. You can ring in for a request if it’s your mother’s birthday or a message of congratulations for an event, call David on our studio number, if you’re listening at work or on your computer at home e-mail a request to: studio@wfmradio.org.

David’s been presenting on community radio since November 2010 and has presented on internet radio for over 2 and half years before and has experience of many shows on Wythenshawe FM.

So keep listening and be entertained, amused and informed for the start of your journey home with David

2 Responses to " Tuesday Drivetime with Dave Cox "

  1. Uncle Tan says:

    Hi Dave and warm greetings from Scandinavia! I have a new good uplifting synth/electropop music for your Monday Drivetime show.

    I’m an electronic pop artist from Tampere, Finland. I make music that draws inspiration from the artists like Moby, M83, Röyksopp and countless others. I’ve been active as a solo artist from 2011 and I have previously worked as an composer for dancehall reggae artist Lord Est. I’m working on a full album and the work title for it is ‘Honest and Real’. I have had airplay so far from the Finnish national radio YleX on their Kellari demo show, and on Basso Radio’s Cocomotion show and I have also been featured on DLX Demo Show on Radio Helsinki. I was featured on Switch Radio’s (Birmingham, UK) last program Wayne’s Asylum. This week my tunes will be played in four different UK radios: on Riviera FM, on Affinity FM, on Phonic FM and on Radio Glamorgan. I’ve also got few requests to be included on mixtapes/podcasts.

    I have been featured on couple of blogs recently. Australian art/music blog Yes Ma’Am reviewed my single It’s Too Late For Us like this: “This electronic track forays into retro land and has massive feel goodness going. Introducing Finland’s Uncle Tan..”. Also DJ Knix from Maine, USA played my song on his DJ Knix Mix radio show on Weru FM and made interview of me. You can check it here: https://weru.org/music-review/musician-interview-uncle-tan.

    I got my latest review from DJ Talbot’s ‘Like Sugar’ indiepop & synthpop blog. DJ Talbot wrote:”Some fine synthpop from Finland. It’s not all polished and slick. I really like this quality. It’s as if you can hear the effort that went into creating the song. This one has so many aspects of synthpop…”

    Soundz80s recently reviewed my songs like this:
    “The track ‘Dream of You’ got my attention, its lush and crisp synths just melt in your mind. So mellow, i love it.. The track ‘Its too late for us’ sounds amazing on a good set of headphones.. Stunning. Have a listen, discover for yourself, the magic that is Uncle Tan” -Soundz Like The 80s blog (http://soundz80s.blogspot.fi/)

    The tracks that I want you to listen and play on Monday Drivetime show are It’s Too Late For Us and Dream Of You. It’s Too Late For Us is my first single from my upcoming album. It’s a lush, uptempo synthpop/electro track with some Chris Rea and Röyksopp influences. Yes Ma’am blog compared this track to British band Ultra Vox.

    The other track is called ‘Dream Of You’. It’s a afro-driven, catchy electronic pop song mixing African rhytms with Scandinavian electronic pop influences. ‘Dream Of You’ has had airplay on Finnish national radio YleX. Let the music speak for itself. Thanks for your attention! Have a nice week!

    Sincerely yours,

    Uncle Tan

  2. Josh Kemp says:

    Good afternoon Dave!
    I hope you’re having a great day! I apologise for the essay…

    My names Josh Kemp and first things first i hope you don’t mind i dropped you an email, i’m an unsigned singer songwriter from Nottingham, UK and have just released my new music video ‘Imaginary Friend: What a Wonderful World’, shot on location around South East Asia!

    The Concept
    The idea for this song and then video came from the realisation that we are frequently bogged down by negativity, in the news or even in our day to day lives as bad things are a lot more sensational or memorable and the spreading of good things are often deemed cliche, boastful, too personal or alienating.

    I noticed that the good parts of life are often over looked or taken for granted
    So I wanted initially to write a song that would explain to someone who would never have chance to see it, the best things in the world, in my opinion of course 🙂

    We tend not to notice the big things we take for granted until they are gone, and that’s something i aim to change, even if it’s just for 6mins20!


    Here is the link to the MP3 for the song – https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z4xhp8p87w0glp/Josh%20Kemp%20-%20Imaginary%20Friend%20%28Single%20Version%29.mp3?dl=0

    available for download!

    I really hope you enjoy it enough to feature on you’re show!

    The video is OUT NOW – https://youtu.be/Em7Jx-sk5eM
    Thanks in advance for you’re time with this!

    Josh x

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