Out To Lunch Show with Gabby Mein

Howerya’s! My names Gabby and I present the Out To Lunch show every Monday 12-2pm. On the show you’ll hear all about my ‘goings on’ (as Dave Cox puts it!) and general failings in my life (public transport and I have a mutual hatred for each other that you will hear about regularly!).

You shall hear about the “House of Horrors” I call home, and hear about what’s going on in the world.

There will also be games such as ‘Guess with Gabby’,  ‘Guess the Intro’, and ‘ Bin or Spin’. Music wise, it’s a mix of new and old, with some interviews with up and coming bands thrown in along the way.

A bit more about me (though I doubt you’re interested) I’m an Irish lass although in the three years I have lived in the UK  I have lost my ‘bogger’ Irish accent and the result is what you hear every week!

I studied Radio and Journalism at the University of Chester – Warrington Campus, and started volunteering at WFM back in August twenty11. I love coffee and hate public transport.

I am rather chatty, I like talking though please don’t call me Gobby or we shall be having words!!  I also have a silly sense of humour and am easily amused in life, as you will know if you listen in! So drop me a message and tune in every week and let me know what you want to hear 🙂

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  1. PLease could you say hello to our very hard working Support worker Emma Gerrard. She has stuck with the centre through thick and thin and deserves an angel of the week award.
    Also say high to our other volunteers and of course everbody that comes to our support group

  2. sid says:

    hi gabby somebody told me you played the pelotons new cd today ! what do you think ? i am looking for gigs in Manchester for them ! any idears
    Many Thanks

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