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After a busy 2015, Alias Kid are ready to take it to the next level. While supporting major international alias kid picartists such as Happy Mondays and Black Grape last year, they took on some of the biggest stages and crowds and didn’t fail to impress!

2016 is going to be their year, Alias Kid are headlining their own gigs up and down the UK with a few festivals included.

I managed to catch up with Alias Kid frontman, Sean O’Donnell for a little téte et téte.

Here’s what he had to say to my questions.



Question 1.- What’s it  feel like knowing your going back to perform in Manchester again and did you find a Manchester audience hard to please?

S.O. It’s home so it’s top. See loads u know etc and there is always a good after party. Plus loads watching us on social media where ever we are so it’s top to get back and see everyone. As for the crowds as it stands Manchester is one of the best. As it’s got bigger iv noticed groups set up for people to meet in certain bars etc before the gig. Become a bit like a football match. The last one iv never seen anything like it. The barriers got a pasting at the front. It took people in front of them to hold them to stop them falling. Was like watching an old punk video. They were like fuckin caged animals haha. This next one gonna be double the size of the crowd so I hope they have good barriers !!

Question 2- In the light of recent events and the  sad passing of David Bowie, do u think the music industry has lost a true rebel who refused to conform? And what’s ur opinion on bowie refusing  a CBE.

S.O. I wasn’t alive in the Bowie/Bolan era but u still know how important these people were/are and obviously Bowie was huge during all the decades. Monday was weird. I went to the shop and cars in traffic in town were blasting his tunes. Then I seen his last video and that sent a shiver up my spine. I seen all the reports and social media and u just knew this was big. Then I got a call off Mcgee on his way to London.  He was really taken back. Bowie was his inspiration. He was telling me he had spoke to Bobby Gillespie,  Noel Gallagher and Shaun Ryder that morning and they all couldn’t believe it. Mcgee was telling me he always avoided meeting him cos he didn’t want him to be real. Was it total awe of him.I was thinking about it and I suppose it’s a bit like the likes of Oasis for lots of my generation. They weren’t just bands who made music u like. It was a way of life. Iv heard people saying they kept changing their image to copy Bowie. Was the same for us as kids with Oasis. Stopped getting nike air max and trackies and started spending your paper round money at Afflecks palace instead. Then u get a guitar and start a band. These people change culture and not just music. They come along even less these days. What a way to go out though with that video. Nobody will top that. Total genius.

Turning down the CBE. Well done to him. Kept to what he believed in. The respect I have for that is through the roof. I should probably leave that there cos u know how I feel about that old trout Liz and her scummy tax dodging free loading family. I hate them with every bone in my body. How anybody can bow down to an old trout like her is beyond me. Have a bit of pride. It’s fuckin 2016. U should have more about u. Sir this lady that. Fuck off. Do a days graft u dick heads. I’d rather die than bow to them… so yeah he was top for that. That was fuckin loaded that question wasn’t it . U know what I think about them royal twats. It’s like calling Marty mcfly a chicken.  I can’t not react. Fuckin got me on that one. Haha

Question 3- 2015 u were support,  now,  ur headlining up and down  the UK, how did that happen so quick?

S.O. It’s our first headline tour so it’s the next step. We were given instructions off Mcgee a year ago. I’m putting u on a couple of decent tours. Go prove u can cut it. And we did. It’s not the same band it was 12 months ago. We were told to watch Black Grape and Happy Mondays . The way they Soundcheck.  Set up. Play to a crowd etc. Also same with the gig we did with the mary chain. During the mondays tour Mcgee was bringing music biz influential people along too. That shows we stepped up cos there’s no way he would if he didn’t think we were ready. But us being us we wanna get even better. We will do this tour. Then the festivals. After that see where we’re up to. Its important we record new music too at some point. Me and maz bin joined at the hip this year writing and discussing where we want this to go. There’s  a lot of offers on the table right now. This is where Mcgee is vital so we get it right.

Question 4- U signed  with Alan Mcgee.  How did u meet him And  where  did the name  Alias Kid  come from?

S.O. The name maz thought of it. He thinks he’s funny by not telling us what it means but I think it’s shit anyway so I don’t wanna know. The rest of them all like it but I reckon they just say that to keep the little sicko happy haha. Mcgee we met him a bit back in London.  I was smashed.  He reckons I was pissing on a dance floor of his club the first time we spoke. I don’t believe him but in fairness I was off it so I can’t remember.  After that we became mates. Haha … Tbf Mcgee wasn’t gonna sign us when he started his label. We weren’t in the first 5 acts he signed. He gave us a gig at his night in Liverpool at Jayne Casey’s district.  We smashed it. He’s was surprised.  He came to watch us at the ducie bridge in town after that. We smashed it. He was gone when we came off stage. Rang me the next day. I’m signing u. The rest is history


Question 5- What can we expect  from Alias  kid’s support acts who will be touring with u? And  what do u all get up to when the crowd have gone home? hahaha !

S.O. The 2 confirmed right now are sixty minute man and redstar.  Sixty minute man are from north Manchester like us. I know the singer Daz from watching city. Tbh we gave them a support at our single launch last March cos Daz is a mate. They were decent so we got them on the album launch in July.  We’re tbh they were great . Double the band we seen in march. Since then they working with top producers etc and are going from strength to strength.  Same as us. Lads who graft all day in shit jobs and want more from life. They got put on a bigger stage and smashed it. Now they storming ahead. Top lads

Redstar are from Huddersfield.  Gigged with them and kept in touch. I loved the gig they played. Singer was brilliant out in the crowd etc. Again a bunch of grafters who want a chance. Not that this is the only chance they got.  They going on an American tour this year. Great songs and a great frontman.  We always try to put great bands on who are hungry. These both are. Might put 1 more on cos there is about 30 bands who asked. Every member has their own preferences so usually ends in an argument so may have to put 1 more on. We will see.

After the gig? Me james and nick usually go to secret society parties with supermodels. Colin is usually on the phone to his bird for the next 24 hours and maz goes and has a private party elsewhere cos he doesn’t like the rest of us.  Hahaha … nah we will all head to the after party of course.  Anything else would be a crime!!

After a busy 2015, Alias Kid are ready to take it to the next level. While supporting major international artists such as Happy Mondays and Black Grape last year, they took on some of the biggest stages and crowds and didn’t fail to impress!

2016 is going to be their year, Alias Kid are headlining their own gigs up and down the UK with a few festivals included.





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