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P1100032Friday night and it’s Opening Night at CIRCUS FUNTASIA here in Wythenshawe Park.
My colleague, Ian Hills and I are invited back once again to this evening of acrobatical fun.

We had the pleasure of going along last year too. It was FABULOUS!
Could they possibly transcend 2015’s performance??
We arrived and were greeted like old friends, and It was a wonderful feeling.

We were shown to our Ringside seats and offered, a very much welcomed, large cup of coffee. It’s relatively a full house and kids and adults alike are waving their newly bought flashing spinning wheels, joyously, to the sound of the background music!
I am now ready to be mesmerised!

The BIG TOP, suddenly, is thrown into darkness, tumultuous music erupts, electrifying the atmosphere. Kids are waiting wide eyed and open mouthed. Anticipating what was coming next.
And THEN, from the audience, steps a funny little man into the ring! IT’S EMILIO!!!

Emilio is one of the main characters of the show. He’s the typical clown, without the suit.
He’s Very funny and it’s a toss up, who loves him more, the kids or the adults!! Emilio appears in the show throughout the evening at various times.

The main acts begin.
I can see straight away, the costumes are much more elaborate and the acrobatics, are much more daring! Some acts have changed altogether. The mix between aerial acrobatics and floor work is in perfect balance. Not too much of either where you get to the point of, “please shoot me!” Some of the acts you were holding your breath, especially when, Mia, who, by the way was the youngest circus performer in Britain to have her own act!! She is the daughter of the owner and Ringleader Tracy. Mia, spins a huge 3 dimensional cube on the palm of her hand then begins to spin it around her body at the speed of a tornado. I was sat directly in front of her. I didn’t breath for 1 minute, I sat, frozen in fight or flight mode!

I had nothing to worry about as she controlled it with expert precision as she always does, she possesses expert hand eye co-ordination. The young children who were sat in the next box to me, were spellbound by her captivating performance as she ran towards them throwing rings in the air!

There was the high flying performance which involved the walking on the outside of a metal wheel, called the Wheel of Death, high up in the air, above our heads. You really do need to see this done!

Emilio reappears, to the delight of the audience, he begins to drag chosen children from the audience into the ring and turns them into super heroes. Then it’s the turn of the adults in the ring, where he subjects them to some humiliation of the funniest kind, the reenactment of Star Wars! YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE!!
THEN, 2 minions appear!!!!, Kids go wild. ITS THE MINIONS!!! TreTre goes wild too!! I WANT A FULL SIZE MINION!! HAHHAHAH.

It’s now the interval, and the Minions stay in the ring much to the delight of the kids who are now in the ring cuddling their favorite one! Raffles and Circus memorabilia go on sale and the smell of hot dogs and burgers are just TOO mouth wateringly tempting!! They’re just too good to miss! nom nom nom!!

Once AGAIN. It all goes dark. BUT, something is different, it remains in darkness, the curtains open, the eerie music starts up setting the tension in the atmosphere and outsteps a HUGE, alien looking being, all lit up with fluorescent tubing on the moving parts of his body, creating a wonderful alien like effect from head to toe.

On his feet he was wearing running blades, which elevated him to an alarming bloodcurdling height. THEN, a brilliantly lit flying saucer is brought before our very eyes, and out step 2 alien humans who perform various moves on a trapeze suspended below the space craft. First time I’ve ever seen this done! The audience loved it.
Throughout the 2 hour performance, various acts followed just as exciting, I’m not going to give too much away! You will just have to go and witness it for yourselves!

BUT, i will just mention the HUMUMNGOUS METAL CAGED BALL with 3 motocrossers and at one point, a woman! yes! a woman in the middle, while a motorbike whirls around her head!
Was this value for money? Yes, but even better with the £5 off vouchers available in and around the forum, medical centre and WFM RADIO, call in for some NOW!!

Did they transcend 2015’s performance?

Written By TreTre (WFM Radio)







Photos taken by Ian Hills.

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