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Are you compromising to get the lifestyle you want?

As Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire says almost three quarters of people make trade-offs in their everyday lives in order to achieve the lifestyle they want, we ask what do the compromises we make say about us?


We all know compromise is important in life but in times when budgets are being tightened, the main reason Brit’s choose to off-set is to make the most of our money! The top 5 compromises Brit’s make are: travelling at off peak times to get cheaper tickets, cutting back on spending now to have more money in the future, buying food on offer in the supermarket to be able to afford other treats, walking as it’s more eco-friendly even though it takes longer and having a shorter holiday but staying at a nicer resort.


Four in ten of us say that making trade-offs actually makes them enjoy their life more and research from online bank first direct has proven how popular it is with 7 in 10 of us offsetting in order to achieve the lifestyle we want to get. For more information visit


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