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Chief’s Constable’s commendation for mystery man who saved woman’s life

Captain Hairsine with GMP Chief  Constable Ian HopkinsA mystery hero who was tracked doing using social media after saving the life of a stranger has been given a commendation by Greater Manchester Police’s Chief Constable.

Captain Sam Hairsine, 34, made the headlines back in January when GMP appealed for information on his identity after the incident on Arch Bridge in Hulme.

A suicidal woman had climbed over the railings on the bridge, threatening to jump.  Along with PC Gareth Edwards, Sam stepped in to help, putting his own life at risk.

A Director of Music in the Royal Marines Band Service, Captain Hairsine climbed the railings and, with help from PC Edwards, held on to the woman before she was brought to safety by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

GMP’s Chief Constable gives out commendations throughout the year, recognising members of the public and officers for an impressive contribution to their community.  The latest awards evening, held on April 19, saw members of the public and officers receive commendations for their brave actions.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Captain Hairsine’s selfless actions to help this woman were incredibly brave and I am honoured to have recognised them this evening.

“He stepped in when a stranger needed help and then walked away without asking for any credit whatsoever, something that many people would not do so readily. He has also been very humble when receiving the award, always talking about the help that he received from members of the emergency services.

“It’s really important that, as members of the Greater Manchester community, we all step forward to help those who need it. Captain Hairsine encapsulates this and I would like to thank him for his brave actions.”

Captain Hairsine said: “It’s a great honour to receive this award. I am very grateful to the Chief Constable, and to Inspector Middleton for nominating me. GMP do fantastic work and I was privileged to have been able to be part of a team helping a lady in a very dark time of her life.

“The most important thing is that she is alright and hopefully on the mend, but I must pay tribute to PC Edwards and all those who were there helping on the day. The care they all showed, both at the time and after, is a tribute to their professionalism, and shows what fantastic people they are.”

[Pic: GMP Chief Constable Ian Hopkins and Captain Sam Hairsine]

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