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FILM REVIEW- THE GHOUL- B.I.F.A. The British Independent Film Association

You could be forgiven for thinking you were going to see a horror movie if, like me, you don’t read the synopsis.
As for a horror movie, this could be interpreted as horror of the mind, for the lead actor.

A vivid and powerful film that takes you on an incredible journey, a journey few of us could ever imagine in our worst nightmare but could very easily happen TO ANY ONE OF US, as the film depicts.

A professional man, a homicide detective, whose job it is to protect the public, descends into blurred lines. That’s what’s so terrifying.  A very clever portrayal of how one’s mind can deceive one, leading to some very serious consequences.

Films like this, in my opinion, are made to open up discussion and awareness within society. Too many people just brush it aside as a phase, whether they are suffering themselves or know someone who is suffering from this debilitating illness. All too often, leading to tragic circumstances.

Mental health illnesses are NOT all the same, just like no two people are the same; everyone has their own varying depths of the illness, with even more people failing to acknowledge they even have a mental health condition at all.

Did the film achieve its aim?  Again, in my honest opinion, YES, very much so. I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT IT FOR TWO DAYS!

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