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First-ever Greater Manchester night-time adviser unveiled

Warehouse Project and Parklife founder, Sacha Lord, has been appointed Greater Manchester’s first-ever night-time economy adviser.

Appointed by Mayor Andy Burnham, Sacha Lord will champion Greater Manchester’s nightlife and help deliver the region’s ambitions to make Greater Manchester more attractive to visitors, safe for all, with high quality culture and leisure, better transport and good quality jobs.

Sacha Lord will be supported by a night-time economy panel with experts from across Greater Manchester.

The panel will be made up of representatives from the private, voluntary and community sectors, local authorities and public services, including transport, policing  and health and social care. They will work with UK and world-wide research to design strategies to boost the region’s night-time economy.

Sacha Lord said: “I’m looking forward to visiting and meeting with the voices who represent Greater Manchester’s nightlife, and working closely with our councils and all other partner agencies to achieve our goals.

“I’ll be taking a look at what is missing from our night-time economy, what we need to improve on and developing what is working well. From talking and listening to key voices across Greater Manchester, I envisage a synergy emerging, which will create a list of targets that I’ll be setting and announcing in the coming months.

“The night-time economy is the fifth biggest industry in the country, employing more than 8% of the UK’s workforce and here in Greater Manchester, we have always recognised its importance.

“Drawing on my 25 years’ experience in the sector, along with comments and opinions from all 10 boroughs and members of the panel, I’m looking forward to getting work and helping to build on Greater Manchester’s night-time economy.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham said: “Greater Manchester is known across the country and beyond for its thriving nightlife. By appointing a night-time economy adviser and panel, I want us to build on our strong reputation to make it even better – for residents, visitors and those who work in the sector.

“Improving the night-time economy across our city-region isn’t just about bars and clubs – it’s about ensuring our towns and cities have a diverse and appealing offer across Greater Manchester which can play to our local strengths, and improving transport links to ensure our towns and cities are better connected places that people can enjoy day and night.

“Building a better night-time across Greater Manchester also complements our plans to breathe new life into our towns through the Town Centre Challenge.”

The night-time adviser was revealed in a Facebook Live broadcast from The Clarence in Bury – an award-winning pub, restaurant and brewery.

Bury is the only town in Greater Manchester with purple flag status. Purple flag towns and cities have shown that they are well-managed and offer a safe, vibrant, appealing positive experience to residents and visitors alike.


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