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Lowry HamiltonWFM 97.2 ONE HOUR SPECIAL


Captain The Reverand Francis Cole Lowry Hamilton, Rector of Northernden, who served as an army   chaplin




Wythenshawe FM presents the story of local heroes who fought, died, or survived the horrors of the bloody conflict that shook the world and claimed millions of lives and started exactly one hundred years ago.

This hour-long special marks the centenary of Britain’s entry into the First World War on August 4, 1914 and it features music and poems which capture the mood of the era.

Wythenshawe FM has teamed up with the Rector of Northenden, Greg Forster – whose Parish covered the whole of Wythenshawe at the time of The Great War – and he has shared with us his research into the 24 soldiers of the Great War who are remembered in St Wilfrid’s Churchyard.

This is the first time these Wythenshawe memories have been broadcast.

Alongside the stories of the servicemen, we also portray the researcher himself, the
Reverend Greg Forster – who as well as being busy in parish duties, research, and scholarship also finds time to mow the churchyard and even dig some of the graves himself.

So sit back and enjoy this slice of local life and history which will be broadcast at the following times:

Monday 4 August 7pm, 11pm

Tuesday 5 August 8pm

Wednesday 6 August 2pm

Thursday 7 August 11am, 10pm

Friday 8 August 4pm, 1am


First World War Part 2 half hour special

Friday 8 August 11pm

Saturday 9 August 11pm

Sunday 10th August 7pm, 10pm











Soldiers of the First World War at ease along the banks of the River Mersey Northernden in August 1914


Copy of Military Hospital








The Military Hospital in Northenden


ploughing, 1914-18


Digging for victory in the First World War in the Churchyard at St Wilfrid’s Church in Northenden


Cpl. J. W. Leigh


A Memorial to one of the fallen in the First World War – you can hear his story in our First World War special


Parish Magazine August 1914 001


St Wilfrid’s Church Parish Magazine published in the month Britain went to war in 1914



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