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Guided walk explores 1,000 years of Northenden history on Sunday 26th August

Local people are invited to join the fun of the Northenden Boat race and then take part in a guided walk exploring 1,000 years of Northenden history.

Starting at 3pm on Sunday 26th August, the walk sets off from the wall post-box at St. Wilfrid’s Church, opposite Cromwell Cottage on Ford Lane.

Guide, Stephen Evans, will share his local knowledge and talk about:

  • Grisly events at Bradley Gate, 1902 and the Victorian post box’s dark secret
  • How Northenden linked two ancient kingdoms
  • Historic Kenworthy Lane – myths, legends and superstitions
  • Two Edwardian schools
  • Northenden’s booming tourist industry
  • Ravenswood Terrace and the Peterloo Massacre, 1819
  • A Headmaster’s heartbreak – Charles Royle and the First World War
  • Why some street names changed after 1931
  • Long-forgotten trades, professions and pastimes.

The walk forms a circuit and will last approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes. The route is accessible to all and wheelchair/buggy/pram friendly. Foldable cane seats are available on request. The walk will be at a moderate pace with plenty of opportunities to stop, listen and ask the guide questions.

On the day, a suggested £5 contribution (per adult) for the Christie Charitable Fund and local projects will be gratefully accepted and appreciated.For further information contact Stephen Evans on 07549789747 or


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