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Letter to the Future – Newall Green High School Appeal

Do you know the people listed below?  If so tell them about the event or show them this lette

newall Green HighIn the early 1980’s I taught a group of PSHE students in year 10 (4th year). We decided that as an activity we would write a letter to ourselves that would not be opened until March 1993. The letter was confidential and sealed in an envelope which was then securely stored in my filing cabinet. It contained a list of hopes and wishes to be achieved by 1993.

Over the years the school has undergone a lot of changes; moving from two sites to one, a new school building programme, a community leisure centre, a sixth form building and a new inclusion wing and centre. We formed a Federation with Benchill and Baguley Hall Primary Schools and then formed a Foundation Trust. Despite all of that, the envelopes have remained sealed in my care.

I am proposing to get that group of 4th year students together before the end of May. I am proposing to have a small reunion whereby each participant can catch up with old friends and talk about what they have done since leaving school. The opening of the letters will be done privately. If people want to share they can, if they don’t want to then that is fine as well.

If you know any of these people and their whereabouts please contact either Bernadette Zahl or Sandra Maguire at school. I know we will have a really enjoyable time and I may even be able to persuade some past members of staff to pop in.


These are the Year 10 (4th year) pupils.


  • ·         David Burns 4B;  
  • ·         Alan Collantine 4G;
  • ·         Alan Daly 4O;  
  • ·         Sherie Daniels ;        
  • ·         Janette Finch;  
  • ·         Janet Hartley 4O; 
  • ·         Michael Harrison 4B; 
  • ·         Terrence Kendall; 
  • ·         Katie Lamb;
  • ·         Chris Mallard; 
  • ·         Tracy Nevin 4B;
  • ·         Peter Norfolk 4O;                     
  • ·         Robert Pattison 4G; 
  • ·         Karen Pilling 4O; 
  • ·         Michelle Rogers 4G; 
  • ·         Maureen Scott 4B; 
  • ·         Paul Towse 4B; 
  • ·         Michelle Vernon 4G; 
  • ·         Barbara White; 
  • ·         M Whittiker 4G;
  • ·         Steven Yates 4G

Contact Bernadette Zahl at the school  0161 234 4455




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