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Movember – Men Needed To Take Part In “Movember”

Men – we need as many moustache growers as possible!

Take part in “Movember”

Unleash your inner Magnum (the man, not the ice cream!) or your inner spitfire pilot (wing commander moustache? Go for it!)

Building on the success of last year South Manchester Healthy Living Network is working with Wythenshawe FM to promote this campaign. Listen out for ads, news features and interviews throughout the month of November.

It’s all part of a world wide campaign to highlight men’s health, especially prostate cancer, and it’s happening in November, or “Movember” as it’s known in this campaign.

You can be a Mo Bro – by growing a moustache in Movember. For one month you can be a walking advert for the Movember campaign. When your mates ask you why you’ve got a moustache all of a sudden – you can tell them it’s about getting men to get serious about their health. You can get sponsored for growing a moustache with funds going to Prostate Cancer Charities.

And it’s not just the fella’s – women can support by being Mo Sistas, and encouraging the blokes.

And the message about men’s health: let’s get serious. When you look at most areas of men’s health, men are worse off than women, yet men are less likely than women to go to the GP or other services for help.

Movember wants to change this by putting a fun twist into the campaign, and hopes to get people talking! Even simple things can improve men’s health. Men – do you know your blood pressure? Do you know you can get this checked by calling into your local pharmacist? You can also ask for cholesterol and diabetes checks. Ded quick and straightforward!

Do you check your testicles for any changes? Do you notice any changes in needing to go to the loo? Getting up in the middle of the night for a wee? Any changes – go and see your GP!

 How can you be involved? You can register to be a MoBro at

OR support the MoBro’s at WFM

Jane McAllister

Partnership Health Worker

South Manchester Healthy Living Network


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