Local children are voting to choose a name for a landmark attraction which has been dubbed Northenden’s Angel of the North.


Ballot papers have been sent to Northenden schools so youngsters can be involved in choosing a name for the popular heron sculpture which stands  alongside the children’s playground by the River Mersey in Mill Lane.


Gwyneth Lloyd, chairman of the Friends of Northenden Riverside Park believes everyone should come to see this local treasure for themselves.


She told WFM: ‘This is a beautiful sculpture of recycled metal of a beautiful heron and we were very sad that it didn’t have a name so we’ve asked the local children to fill in the forms and to give it a name and to state the reason why.


‘It’s our angel of the north. It’s visible from the motorway and from Palatine Road. It is made out of recycled metal on a very high plinth which was a tree that came down in one of the storms and its feet are pick axe handles.

Its legs, you will see, are from hoses, from showers, but its eye is a shopping trolley wheel; it’s got its eye on you and its very lovely. The rest is all reclaimed metal and its an absolutely stunning thing. Everybody should come and have a look at it.’

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