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Poetry Passion With Kermit Leveridge (Black Grapes Sensational Rapper)

MICBYTESOn Friday 20th March I was invited to attended a Pioneering Poetry performance being held at the Jam Street Café in Cholton.

I went along with high expectations. I grew up on poetry, throughtout my childhood my father, god rest his soul, played a lot of Bob Dylan and introduced me to the works of late, great, Dylan Thomas.

My expectations were high for one simple reason, Kermit!

Knowing Kermit from old, I know his mind; his thinking is deep and profound. He’s passionate about the world he lives in and, the future world that will be inherited by his daughter. His poems titled, juxtaposition and constant, left you contemplating!

Kermit has lived life in the fast lane and in the limelight for near on 30 years. he has seen and experienced first hand the price of fame, taking 5 years out and retreating to a sleepy welsh town to “sort his head out” as he so famously puts it! Its no secret about Kermit’s past addictions, what’s important and relevant, is, he lived through it and, conquered his demons . Not many in his profession can claim the same! He’s a true mancunian legend thru and thru. There is nothing fake about Kermit, he is what he is, a realist! A true protagonist!

Even though kermit took 5 yrs out, he never stopped writing, he just stoppe publishing! I spoke to Kermit and asked him, “did poetry save your soul?”He answered “yes”

Kermit’s poetry is personal, yet you can relate to his pain and joy, which he portrays in his poetry, his style of writing is to the point and very thought provoking. What he encapsulates in his poetry is life, and how we choose to live that life with others.

Kermit will be performing in and around Manchester at different venues with his poetry. Look out for event dates and times on the facebook group page “out to lunch with tretre” all upcoming performances will be advertised on there. If you get the chance, do go listen to kermits poetry, you won’t be disappointed, I was though!! I wanted more!!!!!

Tre tre &  Kermit





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