Radio Shows over the Christmas and New Year period

Top 40 Ever Part 1– 24th December 11am  (Ray’s best 40 tracks from all years! xmas pic
Top 40 Ever Part 2– 25th December 11am
Top 40 Ever Part 3 – 26th December 11am 

Age Concern variety show (Performers Robert Read and Dave Cox) 25th December 12 noon

Domestic abuse awareness(Listen to Helen’s story about domestic abuse with interviews, Written by Jason Kenyon & Performed by Stephanie Bishop)
Programme 1 24th December 7pm
Programme 2 25th December 7pm
Programme 3 26th December 7pm
Programme 4 27th December 7pm
Programme 5 28th December 7pm

Black Ice (Radio Play) 27th December 6pm

Request Show (Local residents song requests) 24th, 25th 26th December 2pm (Repeated)

A Wythenshawe tale (Nativity Play) 24th December 8pm, 25th December 1pm, 26th December 9pm

Second life – 24th December 6pm (Radio play by Mike Dawson about a virtual online world, Performed by Ali Huniford & Sean Duvall )
Wait –  25th December 6pm (Radio play by Mike Dawson about a Three thugs waiting in a building to carry out a hit, Performed by Wayne Alsop, David Shaw, Anthony Singleton, Dave Puller)
London 7/7 – 26th December 6pm (Radio play by Mike Dawson about if there might been a fifth man in the London bombings, Performed by Suzanne Loudon Karl Seth)

Snog, marry, divorce – 26th December 10pm (One hour show by Katie Wray and Jason Kenyon about relationships)

Wythenshawe Hall Tour – 24th December 4pm (Interviews and features about Wythenshawe Hall)

Home Front Recall – Show 1 – 24th December 3pm (5 shows broadcast in 2005 about WW2 – local residents stories, radio dramas, interviews)
Home Front Recall – Show 2 – 25th December 3pm
Home Front Recall Show 3 – 26th December 3pm                                                                                                Home Front Recall – Show 4 – 27th December 3pm                                                                                                   Home Front Recall – Show 5 – 31st December 3pm


Lisa Kelly’s Live  Lounge – 25th December 4pm (Lisa’s favorite songs for Christmas)

Carols At Christmas – 24th December 11:00pm (Churches Together sing Carols in Wythenshawe Town Centre

WFM Christmas Dedication Show – ( 24th/25th 2pm, 26th 8pm)   Listener Requests

Paul Goggins MP Christmas Dedication with song O Holy Night –  (24th, 25th 26th –  5pm)

Six Christmas Thoughts for the Day (by Rev Greg Forster) – (Each day from 24rd until 29th – 10am – 5pm)

Christmas Poem  (by Rev Greg Forster  – (24th 9am & 11pm, 25th 8am & 7pm, 27th 9am & 9pm)

The Frank Sidebottom Statue Special (Chris Sievey) –  (25th – 4pm)

Ghost Investigation at Wythenshawe Hall –  (24th – 5pm)

Royal Visit Part 1 & 2 –  ( 26th – 12 noon)

Save the NHS March – (27th  – 4pm)

Manchester Day Parade –  (26th – 1pm)

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