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Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union

EU ReferendumIt’s decision time in the Referendum on June 23 and the choice you will be asked to make is whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union.

WFM 97.2 will be presenting opinions from either side of the debate. Our coverage starts this week. Check our website for updates on when to listen.

Listen out for our interview with Afzal Khan, North West MEP and former Lord Mayor of Manchester, who will explain why he thinks people should vote to stay in the European Union, and listen out for our interview with Ryan Fiske of Get Britain Out who will explain why he thinks people should vote to leave the European Union.

A referendum is arguably the ultimate expression of people power because every person who votes can see the result of that vote in a straightforward way, i.e. there can only be one winner in a two-choice contest.

WFM 97.2 spoke to Wythenshawe people over the May Bank Holiday weekend and asked them what issues mattered to them and whether they intended to vote to remain in the European Union, to leave the European Union, or whether they were still undecided. Check our website for details of when you can listen to hear what local voices had to say.

The deadline to register to vote in the Referendum is Tuesday June 7th. If you are not already registered go to the following website:
Listen to our interviews from both sides of the EU debate at the following times:

Wed 8th June 10 pm

Afzhal Khan MEP on the case for voting to REMAIN in the European Union.

Wed 8th June 10.30 pm

Ryan Fiske of Get Britain Out, on the case for voting to LEAVE the European Union.

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