Out to Lunch with Martin Williams

Hi my name is Martin Williams /a.k.a. Mad Marvin but you can call me Bob or Bill or anything but Sue.
I was born in 1959, some say I’m a little old fashioned but that`s all right!
I have been involved in the Wythenshawe community in one way or another since 2001. I have worked at Family Action Benchill, the Addy Centre and New Start Trust, a drop in centre for people who are addicted to drugs. My drug of choice has always been adrenalin. I have jumped out of planes, kayaked down massive rivers in the South of France and even fallen down a Scottish mountain, but I’m still here to tell the tale.

I have been involved with WFM for seven years. Tune in to my show every Friday between 12 and 2.00pm and I’ll bring you news, views and interviews with your community leaders; the Police, the Fire Bridgade, Wythenshawe Regeneration team, Willow Park Housing assosiation and Paul Goggins the labour MP for Wythenshawe and Sale West. Listen to what`s going on in your area and also catch some cracking old Motown, Soul and Rock and Roll.

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heard a song on radio today about 1.10 1.15, something like”so what do u want” , male singer with guitar, wondering if you can let me know the title and singer
today friday sounded bit like ed sheeranm but was not him
thank u

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