Andrew Hegarty’s Music Club

Andrew was born in Southport, Lancashire in 1983.

He briefly attended Southport College before deciding that education and success wasn’t for him, much preferring to mess about in a succession of crappy jobs until abject failure and poverty left him no alternative but to finally give ‘the radio’ a go.

He’s been heard on radio stations throughout the north-west of England reading the news, interviewing musicians and politicians, presenting breakfast shows, late-night talk shows and specialist music shows.

In September 2016, Andrew broadcast non-stop for 26 hours to raise money for a local hospice and then went home for a kip. He woke up the next day to discover that he was on the front page of the local newspaper, and that they thought his name was Alan.

In 2019, Andrew launched a news website and then closed it down three weeks later after receiving death threats for publishing a story about a lazy lollipop lady.

He is currently News Editor at MyHappy Radio, a radio station playing only upbeat songs and reporting positive news stories. Andrew is also the voice of Chit-Chat, a telephone service providing conversation for people in isolation.

Andrew lives in Cheshire without a wife or girlfriend as all the girls prefer good-looking blokes with lots of money.

In his spare time, he likes to sit in front of the TV in his pyjamas with his phone switched off and the curtains closed.

I started in radio volunteering at commercial and community stations in the North West, such as Dune FM and Mighty FM in Southport and HCR in Runcorn. More recently, I had a paid position at the award-winning Ribble FM in Clitheroe as their breakfast presenter, news editor and programme controller. At the moment, I’m looking after news output for a new streaming station called MyHappy Radio, started by the founder and managing director of Ribble FM, where we only play upbeat music and report positive news stories in our bulletins.


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