Pop Explosion with Jimmy Lambert

It is a show filled with music that you might be familiar with but it also has different features, If you want to know when songs were in the charts ,how long they stayed there ,this is the show for you
There are four features in my show Rock and Roll Round up, Three Tear Jerking Tracks, Magical Mowtown Moments, and I also have a Featured Artist about which I will tell you some interesting information .My favourite group are the Rolling stones and my favourite ballad singer is a guy called Raymond Froggatt, .and last but not least my favourite song of all time is out of time sung by Chris Farlow.

Talking of information I was born in Irvine Scotland and lived in a little village called Mauchline. When I first came to England I stayed in Kendal then got in to a fight one night after having had a few drinks
(not my fault by the way) that night I was informed that if I did not leave town Hospital was beckoning so I had to get out of town fast ( John Wayne or what ) so I left town in the middle of the night and hitched a ride . I got picked up by a lad driving a Bentley so I arrived in Manchester in style. I now live in Woodhouse Park , I have four children and eight grand children so I have a really busy life but I like it that way.

I am a 58 years young going on eighteen and I am going to behave like an adult eventually , Well why should youngsters have all the fun , I have always loved sixties music but when I started doing my show I got a lot of requests for fifties music so then I discovered that I really like some of that music as well, Ballads ,big band sound , skiffle ,and quite a lot of humorous songs as well.

I am a bit of an adventurer as you can see by the pictures I have had a try at many things I have been up in a Cessna , Glider, and a Microlite.I have done a Skydive from 14 thousand feet. I love water sports I can Water ski, Wind surf,I have done level one Sailing , and I have been White water rafting , I have also had a go at flying a Tiger moth Biplane it was awesome. Well that`s all for now and remember long live rock & roll.

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Hi Jimmy just thought I would get my request in befor our june this week haha
can I please have Blue Moon by the Mareels and Girl of my Best Friend by Elvis thanks for that and now let are June beat me cheers debbie

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