Hospital Heartbeat / Your Health Matters with Mike George

Welcome to a fantastic show with interviews and information on being healthy. In association with Wythenshawe Hospital, your host, Mike George, will help you improve your attitude to good health and positive thinking.  Reports on current campaigns, advice for different conditions, and seasonal guidance for staying healthy and hearty is the treatment you will receive.

The programme is a great opportunity for listeners to hear the latest news and health advice from clinical experts.

Listen and learn.  Your health does matter!

To request a song or make a dedication, please contact us on:

Studio hotline: 0161 437 3715


One reply on “Hospital Heartbeat / Your Health Matters with Mike George”

I have been trying to make contact, but never get an answer.
The phone line just rings out.
Please could you possible let me know how I can contact the person in charge.
Many thanks


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