St Wilfrid’s Church Open Day This Weekend 22 and 23 June

Historic St.Wilfrid's Church in NorthendenYou can hunt your ancestors, ring a bell, climb a medieval tower and see the landscape of the whole of Wythenshawe’s garden city spread before you if you go along to the St Wilfrid’s Open Days which take place in Northenden on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

The church, on Ford Lane, offers treats for architecture and local history fans and visitors will have the chance to view parish and poor law records and historic maps of land ownership in Northenden. You can also learn about the latest planning developments in Northenden.

So for a warm welcome and a chance to sample the legendary homemade tea and cakes why not head down to St Wilfrid’s Church in Ford Lane, Northenden this weekend.

St Wilfrid’s is open from 12 Noon until 5pm on Saturday 22 of June and from 2pm until 6pm on Sunday 23 of June. Visitors should allow at least half an hour if they want to go up the church tower.

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