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Susie Mathis, Joins Wythenshawe FM

Sony Radio Award Winning presenter Susie Mathis is joining Wythenshawe FM  to present a new Friday lunchtime show.  

Former Piccadilly Radio & BBC Radio Manchester Presenter will be on the air on Wythenshawe FM with “That Friday Feeling with Susie” 12-2 pm every Friday lunchtime, starting Friday 4th December.

Susie made the surprise announcement on Wythenshawe FM during an interview on “The Buzz Show” with Colin Owen and Chris Paul just after 11am today.

Susie said

 “It started out that I needed to do something as a volunteer, I’m bored stiff as Covid has side-lined so many of us in the events and entertainments industries.

It will be great to connect once again across the local community in Wythenshawe, South Manchester beyond and I am really looking forward to it.”

“That Friday Feeling with Susie will be a perfect start to the weekend”. Susie plans to bring back “magic minutes with Susie” in the show.

The show will be pre-recorded for the time being as the studio is currently closed due to covid restrictions, however listeners will be still have the opportunity to speak to Susie remotely during the recording and make contact in via a Facebook feed during the show.

Susie has enjoyed a successful and wholly unconventional career ranging from West End theatre and the world of music to radio broadcasting, event management and charity foundations. From fronting the first ever girl pop group in the sixties to being the first woman to host a daytime radio show in the late seventies at Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio.


Colin Owen, Board member at WFM and Head of Programming said:

 “Its fantastic news that Susie wants to join us at WFM she is such a professional, has wealth of talent and expertise she brings to inspire our volunteers and listeners in Wythenshawe and beyond”

“I know our award-winning volunteers will be delighted to hear the news”.

“Our long-serving charity chair and radio volunteer Kath Forden will
be welcoming Susie to the station on air”.

Chris Paul, acting Chief Executive said:

“2020 has been a tough year for everyone at WFM, dealing with the
deadly Covid virus, not least for our volunteers.

“They have resolutely continued their community service without a
blink or a winge; through 50 hours a week of pre-recorded shows,
bringing Wythenshawe people entertainment, health and happiness, and
vital up to date information, and the full 24/7 music, news and

“I am sure Susie’s inspiring involvement will help us all build back
stronger and give us a springboard to resume live broadcasting with a
spring in our step when it is safe to do so.”

2 Responses to " Susie Mathis, Joins Wythenshawe FM "

  1. hi am so glad that susie mathis is coming back to radio i know susie when she was at piccadilly radio i was her no 1 fan when she went on piccadilly roadshows i got some happy meamaies when we met good luck susie xxxxx

  2. Colin says:

    Stephen Susie has given you a shout out on Fridays show listen in about 12:50 ish

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