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The nation decides – have your say in the elections on May 7th

The nation decides – have your say in the elections on May 7thVOTE

The nation goes to the polls on Thursday, May 7th in the General and Local Elections.

The future is, literally, in your hands and your votes will determine the way Manchester and the UK as a whole are governed for the next few years.

That’s why campaigners in Wythenshawe Sale East are knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, attending hustings events, using social media, and working hard to get you to put your X next to the name of their party’s candidate on the ballot paper.

The candidates standing in the Parliamentary election in Wythenshawe and Sale East are as follows:

Victor Chamberlain Liberal Democrats

Lee Clayton UKIP

Johnny Disco Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Fiona Green Conservative Party

Mike Kane Labour Party

Jess Mayo Green Party

Lynn Worthington Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Wythenshawe FM has been speaking to the candidates competing for your vote to become the next MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East.

We did some in-depth interviews with the candidates about their backgrounds, their interests, their connections with Wythenshawe, and those all-important party policy commitments, covering things like the economy, jobs, the NHS, immigration, and more.

You can hear interviews with the candidates from each of the four major parties – Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and UKIP – played out on WFM 97.2 over two hours at the following times:

Wednesday 22 April   10 pm – 12 pm

Thursday     23 April   10 pm – 12 pm

Saturday      25 April   10 pm – 12 pm

Monday        27 April   10 pm – 12 pm


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