Showaddywaddy  / Gary Mullen & The Works

(Queen) / Les McKeowns

Bay City Rollers  / T Rextacy

Abba’s Angels / The Real Thing

Paper Lace / Rubettes feat Alan Williamstre

Small Weller (Jam)  / The .Macca Band (McCartney)

State of Quo  / The Jailbirds


I went along to Urmston live with the attitude “here we go again!” I’ve attended many festivals over the years, some i’ll never attend again, i Don’t mind telling you! With this in mind, i went along, with my team, Dave Cox and Ian hills , in tow, and we are fully loaded down with equipment! The first surprise i got was being able to park the car on the grounds, That was a huge relief and it made life so much easier for us. Then we Came to the entrance, and a growing queue of festival goers ,all dressed Up for the occasion and, another one of my dreads, at some festivals you Can being queuing for an hour or so, and that’s the press queue!! But this Was a breeze, we sailed thru, we were escorted straight to the front of The queue by security and ushered in, we were met inside with smiles and Hugs! Im on another planet, this doesnt happen! We even lost a press pass, And there was a new one waiting for us at the gate!!!! I was astounded!! If There is one thing you can guarantee at the big festivals, it is problems!!! So far, at urmston live, ive not encountered one! But its still early yet!! We head backstage to be greeted with a fully erected tent, with Electricity hook ups! Im in heaven! Flash FM were attending, they are Urmston’s very own internet radio station, broadcasting at weekends, It’s ran by 3 amazing teenage boys! They were all set up and raring to go With an impressive radio set. They were there to help and learn, and what A fantastic job they did too. This trio of teenagers were extremely Mature beyond their years! And were a pleasure to be around, extremely Polite and enthusiastic. They will go far in life, as long as they stay Focused! I wish them all the luck in the world. (Max, Liam and Dom, Flash fm) Out of all the festivals i’ve attended over the years, i can honestly say, Urmston live 2015 was a pleasure and a lot of fun to do! How did 12 hours Fly by??!!!! The organisation front and back of the stage was stupendous. Everything and everyone had a place and job, and new exactly what that Job was. And what was expected of them! What a phenomenal team of Volunteers!

Peter Killick, the mastermind behind the event, pulled off the Unimaginable, with such bands as the real thing, bay city rollers and Showaddywaddy, playing live in Urmston, it was a dream come true for Many! Peter pulled together a remarkable team, who were able to bring Magic to Trafford for 2 whole days. A culmination of 15 months hard Work, endless meetings and late nights. What an accomplishment! Backstage we were all well looked after, bands as well as all the Volunteers. Packed lunches with 3 different varieties of crisps and Sandwiches to choose from were laid on for us and most importantly, tea And coffee on tap!! Now i truly was in festival heaven! Don’t get me wrong, Some festivals do feed and water you, but, something always goes wrong! I cant fault Urmston live, as much as i have tried to think of a negative Point, there just isn’t one! Oh, maybe i can moan it rained on the Saturday, But i was well prepared, id brought ponchos!! The festival goers didn’t Care either way, they carried on regardless! The rain just didn’t matter, It stopped after a while and the sun came out, Sunday was gorgeous! Another important factor i noticed was, at big festivals, where u have 100,000 plus people, backstage is a competition, strangers, no love. Urmston live backstage, felt like one big family. It was bloody awesome! I Made a lot of new friends, front and back of stage, volunteers and Festival goers alike. What an I didn’t see one police officer, why? Because they were not needed! Everyone was there to party and have a great time, people traveled From as far and wide as Clacton­ on­-sea and Glasgow! Strangers Embraced each other because of a shared love for a band! There’s something about the 70’s era that seemed to bond complete Strangers together for life. All in all, what a festival! Excellent organisation, excellent bands, and Excellent volunteers. I can honestly say that i am now looking forward to the next one!! And i cant wait !!! One more thing, i want to thank two people, i want to thank Dave and Ian For all their help over the weekend, i couldn’t of done without you both.

We made a great team, thank you both.


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