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VEGAN VAMPS!  WFM’s TRETRE has been working on this production during Lockdown


Vegan Vampires from Zorg emanate from the BACK TO DRAK story and has been in the making for a long time. Having originally, been shot in California, the results were not pleasing to producer and director, Mike Bennett.

This documentary/film has accumulated lots  of speculation as to who were the villains behind the Machiavellian intrigue that has peppered this murky tale of despair and hilarity.

With actors being thrown off planes and, crooks switching contracts, to sabotage the production for their own purposes, trouble lay ahead.

As Mike Bennett, Terry Marsh, and the original director Steve Watson touched down back in the UK, they found themselves in somewhat of a conundrum.



Dylan Martin from Fried Banana Design takes up the story from his point of view.


“I knew that they were off to California and I know the guys were really worried. about the alleged Munchkin Man and his deviant cohort  Joanna Bellybutton or whatever she’s calling herself this season. There seemed to be a power struggle with Munchkin Man and Bellybutton manipulating a couple of the American and Uk cameramen for their own deviant purposes, They seemed to want to be movie directors. I saw some of the work they have done, and the opinion formed? Was that it was going South!!! but I was thrilled to come in for the rescue package!! And it is a much more interesting project now as it’s not just a run-of-the-mill B-movie. Mike Bennett has worked with loads of people, including the likes of Rick Mayal, Bobby Davro, and Bill Oddie and he has done so much more than that, but that’s another show. 

He’s quite an eclectic producer and has woven in many of his associates such as Jona Lewie, Lazy Stars featuring Jonny Kaplan and Daryl Hannah. Now that is a swerve ball,

and I do appreciate a good old swerve ball!!”


We asked Mike Bennett how he felt about the new direction of the film that started metamorphosing at the precipice of lockdown.


It’s all certainly been a cataclysmically cathartic experience and the thing is, I’m intrinsically opposed to giving up. sure, we had an attempted takeover, which the protagonists implemented, but failed with flying colors. I won’t say too much,  but, there was an alleged little person involved, and a woman of ill repute, whose background was a horror story in itself. But it’s all grist for the mill and I’ve got this work ethos that centers around solving pernicious persnickety puzzles. Some people will be amazed at the dramatic musical layer cake we have prepared and augmented with a feisty fusion of different music genres. Slipping right into the session of the B-movie genre, but, it has been done with the greatest deal of respect and affection.

I have been heavily involved working on this production, so I know all the stars, but how on earth did you get them all under one roof?

Actually, I didn’t, I went about having people filmed in different countries to tell their story of how it all went wrong. They were very happy to take part. So were the people that witnessed various outrageous scenes, such as fires in warehouses while an alleged swingers party was taking place, to somebody covertly filming people fainting and being rushed to the hospital.


Melanie Williams is absolutely fantastic in the lead role. Wolfy Foxlowe does a great Sid James type character which is featured on one of the rather outrageous subplots. It’s great because, Wolfy was kicked off the plane  in Chicago for some reason. It was not justified because, it wasn’t him that threw the tomato juice across the plane!! I was there!

I’m really grateful that he’s ended up back in the movie along with musical contributors such as Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke of The Smiths, Foxy featuring Stu West from the Damned, members of the Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, Sham 69 and so many more that I could go on and on, but I don’t want to make this riding off the back of something star-studded. These people genuinely got involved and obviously we have a vast music catalogue so we are able to augment when we needed to get the right shifting blend. It’s not down to me, but the score is a centre of excellence beyond doubt. Fat White Family is great and Melanie Williams is a star, scoring much of the music and makes a superb Maverick Vegan Vampire. 




“If there is one positive I can take from lockdown, it is  finding myself in an inspirationally organic creative process with a posse of talent. Orbiting in the solar system of Music Producer, Scriptwriter, and Magical curator, Mike Bennett. The soundtrack with its impressive range of contributing artists is a joy to work on alone & acting as a Vegan Vampire in a comedy horror. More fun than I can convey without my vampiric teeth in. Mike Bennett and the production team, places no limits on where my imagination may travel, leaving me with a warm toasty feeling of creative fulfillment!!!. Thanks for having me join ‘The not take ourselves too seriously party’. There’s tremendous ‘Healing’ in that.”


Melanie Williams 



Thank you very much for sharing that Mike. Dylan, and Mel, I‘ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you all so far. Also to have One Media IP at Pinewood studios and Fashion Week involved is just wildly amazing I’m stoked. Terry Marsh has been the most incredible producer, getting rid of various demons from our door!!


Watch out  for Vegan Vampires coming to you soon!


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