What Wythenshawe FM can do for you Business!

Wythenshawe FM is a not for profit community radio station for South Manchester.advertising

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Radio Advertising is low-cost and works as an everywhere medium. Consumers don’t have to be in front of their television or at their computer. They don’t have to acquire a magazine or newspaper. Radio is an intimate form of media with the majority of listeners developing a relationship with their favourite presenters. Radio advertising at WFM is also cheaper than most print publications.

Audience statistics:
Independent research results from the past 3 years from Radio Regen show 19% of the Wythenshawe population listened to Wythenshawe FM, that’s 14250 listeners. The demographics varied with the majority of listeners being from various age groups. WFM broadcast on FM covers; Wythenshawe, Sale, Didsbury, Chorlton, Withington, Heald Green, Cheadle, Gatley, Handforth, Altrincham.

Streaming online independent statistics from Canstream were 19380 hits for May 2015 and 18021 hits for June 2015.

WFM Facebook has 1382 friends and our Twitter has 1771 followers and we are following 1016.

Advertising from £100 per week

Sponsorship from £20 per show

Outside broadcasts from £350

For the full rate card click here
wfm Rate card

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