Win McAffee All Access 2012

Win McAffee All Access 2012

Shopping for gifts, looking for great deals on new digital gadgets, e-planning family
get-togethers and of course, using online or mobile banking to make sure they
can afford it all. Cybercriminals will have more opportunities than ever to
trick consumers out of their personal and financial information.

Consumers need to stay one step ahead, and make sure they have protection for all of their
Internet-enabled devices.

With McAffee All Access 2012 you can Safely enjoy your
digital lifestyle on the devices you use to connect. McAfee All Access delivers
the security protection you need for the devices you use at home and on the

You can connect, surf, and socialize online, knowing your
computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, and tablet are safe from malicious
websites and hackers, viruses, scammers, cyber bullies, and identity thieves.

You can even track, lock, or remotely wipe your missing
smartphone or tablet. Our comprehensive protection lets you connect with
confidence and enjoy the convenience your digital lifestyle offers

To Win this fantasic Prize watch the above video and tell us one of the 12 scams of christmas and Email along with your answer and contact details.

All correct answers will be entered into a draw and the winner pulled out of a hat and annouced on air.


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