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Manchester Piccadilly, Altrincham, Stockport, Chester

A twice an hour service to link up with the tram at Baguley near Tesco – Wythenshawe Hospital – The Health Academy

Then email your request, using these words:

Subject Line: Franchise Agreement-Mid Cheshire Line

‘I/We request that you ensure the new train franchisee is required to make a stop in Baguley twice an hour’


Wythenshawe Town: population 75000, a quarter of the population of Manchester

The largest town in Europe without its own rail station.

In 1995 the Greater Manchester Transport Authority, now Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGMC), proposed to open a rail station at Southmoor Road Baguley adjacent to the new Metro Stop to Manchester Airport, via Wythenshawe Hospital. These proposals were agreed at a Public Inquiry that year but no further action was taken to build the station.

Our Group, Wythenshawe Station Campaign (WSC), was set up in 2008 to ensure the commitment made in 1995 was honoured. With the support of the late Lord Alf Morris, all our Wythenshawe Councillors, especially the late Tony Burns, and also fulsome support from our late MP Paul Goggins, we have made good progress.

We have letters of support from Sir Richard Leese, Sir Howard Bernstein and Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of TfGMC.
We are pleased to say Mike Kane our new MP is also very much committed to our campaign.
Because of our campaign, the authorities included Baguley Station in the Future Transport Plan with conditions to be met:
• implementation had to wait for the Northern Hub to be funded and
• for the Airport Metro to open, and
• train frequency needed to be two trains per hour.

All these conditions are being met, it is now a matter of prioritisation and therefore there should be little to prevent it now being built.

Wythenshawe Station, situated on the existing Mid Cheshire Line where currently a commuter service runs from Manchester Piccadilly – Stockport – Altrincham – Chester

Many Wythenshawe residents work in Manchester Piccadilly – Stockport – Altrincham but can’t get there’re quickly by bus or car on our heavily congested roads. Most of Wythenshawe will be just a few minutes from the Station by the new Metro.

The Station will also make it easier for our young people to travel outside Wythenshawe to Colleges along the line and to socialise with there peers outside of Wythenshawe.

DfT/Rail North are asking for views on changes to the train services through Wythenshawe which will be included in the new franchisee’s Terms and Conditions.

We would like Wythenshawe organisations and residents to urgently sign our petition or email directly to asking for trains to stop at Baguley under the new franchise arrangements. The deadline for reply is 18 August 2014.

Subject Line: Franchise Agreement-Mid Cheshire Line

‘I/We request that you ensure the new train franchisee is required to make a stop in Baguley twice an hour’

Eugene Ring Campaign Director



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