Training at Wythenshawe FM

The training course cost £100 but can be free for people on benefits dependent on funding at the station.

The course duration is 8 weeks and consists of:

Radio in a day – Come to the radio station for a day and learn the basics of producing and presenting a radio show and as part of a team present a live or pre-recorded radio show at the end of the day.
1. Health and Safety
2. Introductions
2. Understanding audiences and the radio industry
3. What makes a radio show, running order and developing ideas
4. Scripting your features
5. Live / Pre-recorded radio show

The next 7 weeks consist of 2 hour training sessions where you and your team will learn how to operate the radio desk, how to use myriad, learning the basics of editing with Adobe Audition, Ofcom rules and regulations, making a radio advert, phone interviews, rules and systems for volunteering at WFM.

…………and at the end of the training you can volunteer at WFM and have your own radio show if slots are available in the schedule.

To find out more you can call us on 0161 499 7982 or e-mail

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